Looking for a legitimate work from home job?

Iv took the time to actually go through a list I created of work from home online jobs there are legitimate and actually pay well and I’ve only selected he wants that actually we’re successful an easy was no experience to get started I hope you find what you’re looking for.

  • $850 per week for watching movies on Netflix
    Do you like watching movies and web series on Netflix? If yes, then stop doing it right now! I mean to say, stop watching movies on Netflix if it can’t pay you. Because we have a job where you’ll get paid for watching movies on streaming platforms similar to Netflix. Read full details here …https://hop.clickbank.net/?affiliate=cheyfabre&vendor=writeapps&pid=joblandingpage&ifso=850perweekforwatchingmoviesonnetflix
  • Would you do a crossword for $120?
    We’re looking for someone to fill a job role testing and reviewing crossword apps and all kinds of other words, numbers, and puzzle games on their phone or tablet. So, do you like relaxing on a Sunday afternoon with a crossword puzzle? Then this job could be right up your street – and it pays … Continue reading Would you do a crossword for $120?
  • $735 per week playing car racing games with friends. 
    Just imagine… The signal turned green, you’ve released the clutch, smashed the gas pedal, and vroom! You’ve started a race with your friend. But, what will happen at the end of the race? Will you win? Or you lose? Well, no matter who wins, one thing for sure… You’ll get paid $735 per week for … Continue reading $735 per week playing car racing games with friends. 
  • $30 per photo you take
    If you like taking photos on your smartphone – or you think some extra money in your back pocket could motivate you to start liking it – then you need to apply to today’s available job ASAP. With only one position available, this photo app tester and reviewer job are going to get snapped up … Continue reading $30 per photo you take
  • Earn $150 a day to diet!
    Do you fancy getting healthy and making some more income at the same time? I’m not talking about starving yourself to save money! I’m suggesting tracking your calories with an easy-to-use app like MyFitnessPal’s Calorie Counter app, and earning extra dollars while you do so just by testing and reviewing it. That’s what’s on offer … Continue reading Earn $150 a day to diet!

Moderate FB Comments: $30 – $40/hr 

The Facebook comment section on any page can get pretty crazy, and it’s no different for a business’s Facebook pages. That is why businesses all over the world are hiring people to help manage the comments section on their Facebook pages. Go here to complete your application if you are interested.