India Jones & The Temple of TRAFFIC

If you didn’t guess from the name, SlideShare is a place where people go to share slides or full presentations for free…

… kinda like webinars, but the slide versions of them…
… and people basically flip through the slides, read the content and then see your call to action, link or whatever offer you’re selling at the end of the presentation.

It’s like a social network for presentation lovers!
Now, get this…
SlideShare has 80 MILLION USERS…

17% of businesses use SlideShare to launch their products.
41% of businesses in America use SlideShare for reaching their audience with content.

If you’re not convinced that SlideShare is the ultimate place to get free traffic and buyers, then just head over and check out the number of views and shares people are getting in all kinds of niches… it’s MINDBLOWING.

What does this mean for you — and how do you create Slides to promote your business?
Creating a presentation for SlideShare is easy.

Just grab the top FAQs or most popular tips/content in your niche.

Bundle them into a presentation (more on this in a sec)
Upload to SlideShare.

Then sit back and watch and the views RACK UP before your eyes…
… and people start clicking links back to your website, affiliate offers or contacting you directly about your services.

You don’t need to run ads or do SEO, or any of that crap.
SlideShare is a marketing machine — just like Amazon — where they do all the promotion for you.

They WANT your slides to get seen, because it brings more people into their website and keeps them there.

Your only job is to create slides that have good content…

… but there’s one HUGE factor that determines how many people actually click on YOUR slide/presentation and actually consume your content…

… and that is how you PRESENT it.
In other words, how you design the damn thing.

Crappy presentations don’t get half the attention that awesome looking ones do… so it’s really simple:

1. Find popular content for your niche

2. Put it into a slide format/presentation

3. Make it look awesome
And don’t forget to add a link back to your website, or a direct offer inside your last slide… so people click and buy!

Now here’s the really cool part…
There’s a brand-new tool that allows you to create stunning presentations for SlideShare to rake in views like CRAZY… and suck in real buyers for just about anything you can image off SlideShare.

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